Company ROLIZ is your reliable partner in the world of business and production. We can offer frozen production of different kinds of  splitting to our customers.

The main fish and seafood processing of the company is fridge technology that allows to keep natural product characteristics maximally for a long period.

We successfully try to manage to product fish of wider assortment without any losses on all stages of technological process.

Our vessels are provided with modern technological equipment that assures high quality of the company’s products.

We can offer the assortment of company’s frozen products with all main fish richness of marine bioresources: Alaska pollack beheaded, Pacific herring unprocessed, frozen Alaska Pollack hard-roe , frozen salmon milt, hunchback salmon disemboweled, Siberian salmon emboweled headed, Laemonema trunk and highly protein fish meal .

Our company exports high quality fish products which are in great demand on the markets of Japan, Korea and China.